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The Alaska Mattress Variator is our most popular, with a unique fold out system the Alaska is extremely versatile. It is designed to fit to almost any single, double, 3/4 or kingsize bed by folding the wings in or out as required.
This hand controlled device is designed to raise and lower the head to an upright sitting position and effectively solves the problem of how best to lift and support the client when they need sitting up or laying down in bed.
The Alaska is fully portable and is fast and easy to set up by sliding the Alaska under the mattress and strapping it onto the bed. It is designed with a centre driven actuator that is virtually silent. The Alaska is approved and used by both private and national health hospitals.


Technical Specification  
Product Code ALA
Size Universal - Single - 36" (107cm)    Three Quarter - 45" (114cm)    
Double - 54" (137cm)    Kingsize - 60” (152cm)
Weight Limit (Single & ¾) 20 Stone (127 kilos) upper body weight 
Specifications Angle of lift 90 degrees
Movement Options  From Laying Down Position to Sitting Up
Options Possum Compatible, Heavy Duty

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