Arabian Powered Bandaging Stool * Patent pending


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The Arabian stool is designed for use by nurses, and care staff who deal with clients who need dressings/bandages applied to the full length or part of the leg. The stool is designed to lift one leg at a time using one or both of the two horizontal actuator driven pads, allowing easy access around the complete circumference of the limb.

Community Nurses and other health care professionals have a recurring problem when it comes to cleaning, dressing or bandaging the leg. Often the legs are heavy due to conditions such as Lymphoedema. Supporting and cleaning them prior to bandaging can be a problem as this will often require two nurses. The bandaging requires up to 4 layers and prior to application the leg needs to be cleaned. Supporting the swollen or infected leg is difficult as the patient will need to have 

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either one of them raised for up to one hour. The Arabian's horizontal pads allows movement and support of the leg to various places during treatment.

With bandaging needing to be done regularly the Arabian stool is designed to reduce the need for two nurses to one nurse ultimately solving manual handling issues and resulting in significant cost and time saving.
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Technical Specification  
Product code ARAB
Width 20" (50cm)
Depth 20" (50cm)
Height 20" (50cm)
Weight Limit 35 Stone (222 Kilos)
Options Backrest, Wheels, Armrest, Bariatric






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