Arctic Independent Turning Bed

Reposition with ease

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The Arctic is a multi-positional, multi-functional cost saving bed system that can accommodate even the most complex needs. 

Everyone has different requirements when it comes to comfort. The frame of the Arctic is made up of different sections making it possible for the client to turn left or right whilst staying in the seated position. With its unique design the legs can be moved independently helping to reduce the risk of pressure sores and paraesthesia. Ideal for assisiting with physiotherapy.

With so many varying positions the client or the carer can adjust the bed to suit their needs, helping with breathing, coughing and comfort, reducing the time and effort it takes to reposition. No need for sleepless nights or to be woken when turning, the automatic repositioning allows both carer and patient  an improved nights sleep.



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Product Code ARI
Width 30” (76cm)   36” (91cm)   42” (107cm)  48” (122cm)  54” (137cm)
Length 78" (198cm) or bespoke
Weight Limit 25 Stone (158 kilos)
Bariatric Up to 60 Stone (381 kilos)
Movement Options     

Head Up, Turn Left, Turn Right, High/ Low Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg.  

55 degree turn, Left Leg Up, Right Leg Up, Head Up and Turn Left and Right

Start Height 11" (28cm) or bespoke
Optional Extras

Auto, Head and Footboards, Cotsides, Various Colours, Bumpers, Anti Static Castor,

Paediatric Sizes, MS turning programme

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Patients who may benefit:

Respiratory conditions.
Muscular Dystrophy - Brings the legs together and holds them there in the cradle/hug position.
Feeding issues
Ulcerated Legs


Cost Saving Leaflet



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