Baltic Turning System

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The Baltic bed is a fully profiling, high/low and turning bed which also has trendelenberg and reverse trendelenberg. The height adjustable mechanism also prevents carers from putting any unneccessary strain on their backs when moving the client in and out of bed. The Baltic bed assists the client with their individual needs, enabling them to become more independent when they may otherwise have needed constant care in hospital.

The Automatic turning option can be fitted and programmed as required depending on the clients turning needs. This can reduce costs by removing the need for night time carers. The Baltic bed has enabled many patients to return home from hospital earlier than anticipated. 

For a person whose needs are more complex the Arctic Independent Bed allows the legs, head and side turn to operate independently.



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Product Code BTK or BAI
Width 30” (76cm)   36” (91cm)   42” (107cm)  48” (122cm)  54” (137cm)
Length 78" (198cm) or bespoke
Weight Limit 25 Stone (158 kilos)
Bariatric Up to 60 Stone (381 kilos)
Movement Options Head Up, Turn Left, Turn Right, High/ Low Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg.  55 degree turn. 
Start Height 16" (41cm) or bespoke
Optional Extras Auto, Head and Footboards, Cotsides, Various Colours, Bumpers, Anti Static Castor, Paediatric Sizes, MS turning programme
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Cost Saving

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