Beaufort Mattress

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A unique design for greater comfort for profiling beds. Beaufort is designed to harmonise with the new generation of profiling bed frames. Their dynamic alternating pressure cycles result in re-active hyperaemic responses to enhance the flow of oxygen-rich blood to any compromised or wound area.

Beauforts design uses circular air cells that cannot topple and is combined with an integral foam under-layer that has built-in hip and knee area hinges. These hinges ensure that Beauforts points of articulation are closer to the level of the spine and legs rather that the metal bed base.

The foam under layer provides fail safe security against the mains electricity blackouts and incorrect pressure settings, by preventing the patient from bottoming out on the hard bed frame base. It also provides stabiity when manoevering or getting out of bed.

The cover is two way stretch, loose fitting to avoid hammocking and waterproof for the best patient comfort. It also has full deep side skirts, sealed seams and in-bound underneath zips to reduce the risk of body fluid ingress.

This mattress is designed with a carer in mind it has minimal controls, it is portable making it is easier to use in any environment. It has a low maintenance requirement and a low lifetime cost. A Beaufort mattress is versatile and robust making it a sound choice.


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