images/450/Flores Paediatric Cot.jpgThe Flores Cot bed has a high sided wooden surround with an electrically operated profiling bed frame. This specialist piece of equipment has been created to give a child a safe environment.

It can be fitted with bumpers all around to minimize the risk of injury or harm to the child. The Flores will also allow the child visual reassurance as macrolon windows have been incorporated replacing the traditional bars. The cot has access for a mobile hoist if required.
The Flores can help encourage better sleep patterns and bedtime routines, thus giving peace of mind even with the most challenging child.

Safety bar can be fitted if required. 

As in all cases each situation has to be considered in its entirety. No definitive guidelines can be provided.

Adult cots may be useful where individuals are at risk of harming themselves through falling out of bed but should never be utilised as a restraint.




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Technical Specifications  
Product Code FL
Width 36" (91cm) or bespoke
Length 72" (183cm)   78" (198cm)
Weight Limit 25 Stone (158 kilos)
Movement Options High/Low, Fully Profiling
Options Padding, Various Colours, Extra Height Supplement - 6ft, Infra Red remote,
Doors both sides, Lockable Castors, Safety Bar

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