Ionian Stand up Bed

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Centrobed's profiling Ionian Bed moves seamlessly from a 180 degree horizontal position to a 90 degree vertical position facilitating active independence. Good health requires individuals to stand, in order to assist with better digestion, pressure management, circulation and bone development. Standing up also assists carers by alleviating unneccessary lifting. The Ionian has been developed for use by individuals unable to sit or bend when getting into bed. As with all Centrobed's bespoke beds, the Ionian is manufactured to fit each client whether they are 4' or 7' tall.


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Product Code ION
Width  36" (91cm)
Length 78" (198cm) or bespoke
Weight Limit 25 Stone (158 kilos)
Baraitric -
Movement Options     Laying to standing action, High / Low, Fully Profiling
Start Height 16" (41cm)
Options Bedside Rails







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