The Java is our high/low and sit up bed. It raises the head of the bed to an angle that suits the client helping them to feel comfortable without the help of a carer.
The Java's functions are head raise, high/ low, trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg. The weight limit is 25 stone but a Bariatric version is available.




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Product Code JAV
Width 30” (76cm)   36” (91cm)   42” (107cm)   48” (122cm)
Length 78" (198cm) or bespoke
Weight Limit 25 Stone (158 kilos)
Bariatric 35 Stone (222 kilos)

Movement Options   

Head Up, High /Low, Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg                                                       
Start Height 16” (41cm)
Options Bed Side Rails, Bumpers, Hoops, Head and Footboards, Various Colour



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