Electric Mattress Variator QT2000 

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The virtually silent, reliable and affordable Mattress Variator Qutee 2000 has a smooth positive movement and such an exceptionally low noise level that it is practically silent, making it ideal for shared rooms.

The Qutee 2000 reaches a full 90 degree lift, it maximises the ease with which clients can get in and out of bed unassisted. The Qutee 2000 makes the user independent with its new flat handset and touch sensitive buttons. It is simple to fit due to the three strap system with quick release buckles allowing the variator to be fitted to a bed in minutes.











Technical Specification  
Product Code MV1/QE
Sizes Single - 36" (107cm)    Three Quarter - 45" (114cm)    
Double - 54" (137cm)    Kingsize - 60” (152cm)
Weight Limit  (Single & ¾) 20 Stone (127 kilos) upper body weight 
(Double & Kingsize) 40 Stone (254 kilos) upper body weight
Specification Angle of lift 90 degrees
Movement Options From Laying Down Position to Sitting Up
Options Possum Compatible






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