Quoddy - a bed that grows with you images/800/Quoddy Tri with Children Centrobed Website.jpg

A paediatric bed needs to fit a child, be fun and support all their growing needs and the Quoddy certainly does. Gaps in the bed and the bed profiling in the correct place are of primary concern. 

Centrobed have made sure there are NO GAPS that can put a child at risk of entrapment. The bed is made to fit the child with the backrest and kneebreak profling in the correct place.

The Quoddy is designed to grow with the child and will expand to 3 different lengths

Starting at 152cm (60")
Then growing to 168cm (66")
and finally finishing at 183cm (72")



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Product Code QUO
Width 30” (76cm) 36” (91cm)
Length 60” (152cm) 66” (168cm) 72” (183cm
Weight Limit 18 Stone (114 kilos)
Start Height 16" (41cm) or bespoke
Movement Options      High / Low, Fully Profiling
Optional Extras Bed side rails, Colour, Themed, Bumpers, Hoop, Head and footboards
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