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Low start from 10". Any width, available with or without head and footboards. The Saturn is ideal for tall people or for a bedroom with restricted space. If you want a bed that is inconspicuous and will blend into a bedroom then the Saturn is an ideal choice for you.














Technical Specifications  
Product Code  SAT
Width 30" (76cm)   36" (91cm)    42" (107cm)   48" (122cm)   54" (137cm)
60" (152cm)
Length  78" (198cm) or bespoke
Weight Limit  25 Stone (158 kilos)
Bariatric  80 Stone (508 kilos)
Movement Options  Head Up, High/Low, Kneebreak 
Start Height  -
Options  Bed side rails, Bumpers, Hoops, Head and footboard










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